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Had To Be There

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A new adventure is on the horizon

"What was your favorite part?" Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite question to ask. Just saw a new movie - what was your favorite part? Came to one of my students' plays - what was your favorite part? Got to take that big trip you've been planning - what was your favorite part? My family and close circle of friends have come to expect it and always have their answer prepared.

Each episode will feature a new guest sharing a "had to be there" moment from their life. Maybe they experienced a grand romantic gesture at some exotic destination. Maybe one seemingly innocuous decision changed the trajectory of their life. Maybe it's that family legend that gets retold at every holiday gathering. We all have these stories within us - let's share them with one another.

Quick, STOP right now and think of your favorite memory - your own "had to be there" moment, a favorite part from your life's journey. Got it? Great! I wanna hear all about it. You can be one of my first guests - use the link below to get in touch!