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Memory Montages & Video Memoirs

You have the makings of your video memoir already in your possession. HTBT wants to bring it all together for you. Sure, you've uploaded your vacation pictures to Facebook, but is that really how you want to showcase your memories? Don't stop with your camera roll - pull out those old photo albums, and that shoebox at the back of your closet full of pictures that never made it to an album!

These memory montages are versatile enough for every occasion. Grandma's 90th birthday party? Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary? Little brother's winning baseball season? College roommate's bridal shower? First family vacation? Memorial to celebrate the life of a dearly departed loved one? Any event you can think of, can be instantly elevated with a HTBT Video Memoir.


"Kelly - You did an amazing job on the video - you really made this 90th birthday celebration so very special. You captured moments throughout my mom's life that we will always treasure." - Tricia, Cos Cob

"No matter how many times I see this, it touches my heart and soul. What a wonderful man, what a wonderful tribute." - Barbara, Huntington

"Many kudos from all the parents! One parent even said that their son went home after the banquet and re-watched your video three times!" - Tom, Fairfield

"I want to tell you how thrilled my grandparents were with the wedding video you provided us! They liked the way you did it, more highlight reels and less boring tape! Thank you for making it possible for them to be able to be a part of our special day with your video! It absolutely means the world to us!" - Blakely, Mystic