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Episode 40 | Switzerland

Meet Gordon, entertainment law expert and podcast coach extraordinaire! Join us as The Podcast Lawyer™ takes us back in time to a Europe trip his high school organized where things went a little off the rails (pardon the expression)!

Episode 39 | Girls' Trip: Italy

Meet Maricia, educator and world traveler! Join us as Maricia lets us tag along on a girls trip to Italy where things did not exactly go according to plan, but as you'll learn this week, sometimes in life if you can learn to roll with the changes, the outcomes can be better than you imagined.

Episode 38 | New Zealand

Meet Alison, who quit her successful tech career and left the corporate work to pursue her passion! Join us as Alison takes us on a memorable hike along New Zealand's most famous Great Walk and hear about the challenges she faced and the new friends who helped her through.

Episode 37 | Ghosts of England

Meet Rob, meteorologist by day and psychic medium by night! Join us as Rob share with us some of the haunting haunted moments he has experienced along his travels. Don't forget to check out our BONUS episode over on YouTube for even more ghost stories from Rob!

Episode 36 | Salzburg

Meet Linda, the Smart Travelista! Join us as Linda takes us to Austria for the famous Sound of Music tour where we'll visit the settings for the movie's most iconic scenes.

Episode 35 | Hawaii

Meet Keith, a traveler who seeks out non-touristy moments even in the most tourist-heavy destinations! Join us as Keith shares about uncovering family secrets and a magical Had To Be There moment he shared with his wife in Hawaii.

Episode 34 | Jazz For Peace: Nigeria

Meet Rick - musician, composer, and founder of Jazz for Peace. Join us as Rick talks about his mission to promote unity and peace across cultures through the performance of music and shares a Had To Be There moment he recently experienced in Nigeria.

Episode 33 | Great Wall of China

Meet Melissa, the Barefoot Dancing Rocket Scientist! Join us as Dr. Melissa lets us tag along on a race she ran along the Great Wall of China - just ONE of the marathons she participated in as part of the Seven Continents Club.

Episode 32 | Aruba

Meet Blake, a Titanium Certified Abundance Coach. Join us as Blake takes us along on his first visit to One Happy Island, and hear about how that 3-week stay on Aruba changed everything.

Episode 31 | Sicily

Meet Harker, a #1 Amazon best-selling author, member of the LA Drama Critics Circle, Broadway World contributing writer, and Mensa member. Join us as Harker whisks us away to a charming Sicilian wedding.

Episode 30 | Camino de Santiago

Meet Julie, a writer and publisher retired from a long career with the U.S. Foreign Service. Join us as Julie shares her experience from her FIRST trek along the Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage leading to Galicia, Spain.

Episode 29 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Meet Karen, a native New Yorker and "Travel Mania" author. Join us as Karen dispenses some of her favorite travel tips and shares a special chance encounter she experienced in Yogyakarta!

Episode 28 | Uganda

Meet Cathy, an avid composter and laughter yoga leader. Join us as Cathy takes us along on her adventures traveling from Uganda to Kenya in the 80s and shares why it's always important to be mindful while visiting foreign countries!

Episode 27 | Whistler, B.C.

Meet Chris and Melissa, a husband and wife team embracing the midlife and crusading against boring times. Join us as this dynamic duo takes us to one of the stops along their "12 cities in 12 months" adventure and shares the exciting experience they had there!

Episode 26 | Austrian Alps

Meet Dylan, an award-winning author and gifted storyteller. Join us as Dylan takes us on an adventure hutting through the Austrian Alps and how this seemingly harmless "hütte crawl" took a bit of a turn!

Episode 25 | Samantha's WDW Wedding

Meet Samantha, a lifelong Disney fan and former WDW cast member. Join us as she recounts the "Had To Be There" details of her own Disney Fairytale Wedding.

Episode 24 | Cambodia

Meet Callan J. Mulligan, a best-selling author with a penchant for travel. Join us as Cal takes us on an adventure from Thailand to Cambodia and shares the Had To Be There moments he experienced along the way.

Episode 23 | Venice, Italy

Meet Joe LeValley, a crime reporter turned award-winning author. Join us as Joe takes us to Venice, Italy and shares a remarkable Had To Be There moment they experienced thanks to a second-generation watertaxi driver!

Episode 22 | Vail, Colorado

Meet Chris, a professional speaker and luxury travel coach. Join us as Chris shares some of the things he loves most about his favorite vacation destination, Vail, CO - while sprinkling in a few cost-saving travel tips along the way!

Episode 21 | WDW AEP Recap: Pt. 2

Meet Lauren, Daynalee, and Kelsey, three more of my fellow Academy Travel affiliates. Join us as they recap the special events they were treated to by Academy Travel and the Walt Disney World Resort at the recent Agent Education Program!

Episode 20 | WDW AEP Recap: Pt. 1

Meet Amanda and Eva, two of my fellow Academy Travel affiliates. Join us as they recap the week we spent learning and exploring the Walt Disney World Resort at the recent Agent Education Program!

Episode 19 | Walt Disney World: Amy

Meet Amy, a mother of three and fellow Disney travel planner. Join us as she shares the "Had To Be There" moment she got to experience as a mom, after growing up a Disney kid herself!

Episode 18 | El Peñón de Guatapé

Meet Hinesh, a London native who enjoys exploring new countries and cultures as a solo traveler. Join us as he takes us to the city of Guatapé in Colombia and shares the Had To Be There moment he experienced after climbing a rock nearly 700 feet tall!

Episode 17 | National Parks w/Lexi

Meet Lexi! A travel consultant new to the world of Disney vacation planning, Lexi is taking us on a journey to a number of non-Disney destinations - a collection of memories from the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Zion National Park.

Episode 16 | WDW with Brook

Welcome back Brook! Our guest from Episode 4 is back to talk about the Most Magical Place on Earth and will be sharing some of her favorite Disney memories, what's on her Disney bucket list, and what are her favorite WDW vegan menu items!

Episode 15 | Universal AEP Recap

Meet Morgan and April, two of my fellow Academy Travel affiliates. Join us as we recap the week we spent learning and exploring Universal Orlando Resort!

Episode 14 | Nairobi National Park

Meet Ngina, a Kenyan native currently living her life of positivity in Doha (the capital city of Qatar). Join us as she takes us to one of her favorite parts from her homeland: Nairobi National Park!

Episode 13 | DCL: Marques Ogden

Meet Marques! After retiring from professional football, Marques has gone on to find a series of successes and failures in his life. Join us as he shares his favorite Had To Be There moments from his family's recent Disney Cruise and learn how he has taken his failures and turned them into teachable moments for others.

Episode 12 | Costa Rica, Pt. 2

Jump back in with Debora and Jack, as they share even more Had To Be There moments from their spontaneous elopement adventure in Costa Rica. ¡Pura vida!

Episode 11 | Costa Rica, Pt. 1

Meet Debora and Jack, who cite traveling as their first shared passion and the cornerstone to their relationship. Join us for our first two-part episode as the pair recount their spontaneous nuptials in Costa Rica!

Episode 10 | WDW: Hoop Dee Doo

Did you hear the news? The Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue is returning to Walt Disney World! In honor of this news and in celebration of our TENTH episode, join me as I share one of my own personal Had To Be There moments.

Episode 9 | Antarctica

Meet Nick, who has had the privilege of visiting all seven continents and over 50 countries! Join us as Nick takes us along with him to Antarctica for his unforgettable Had To Be There moment.

Episode 8 | WDW w/Familia

Meet Nikky, an insanely talented artist and fan of all things Disney, horror, and gaming. Join us to learn more about Nikky's creations and hear her Had To Be There moment experiencing WDW with her abuelita.

Episode 7 | Tammy Tuckey

Meet Tammy, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, actress, podcaster, and singer. As host of "The Tammy Tuckey Show," she invites actors, composers, and cast members to talk about working in Disney films, television shows, and theme park attractions. Join us as we talk to Tammy about her favorite WDW memories, former interviews, and her bucket list guests and destinations!

Episode 6 | DCL: Italy

This week we welcome back Liz, our resident Disney Cruise Line expert! As a former DCL cast member, she has sailed over 500 cruises. In her second HTBT appearance, Liz takes us on a Mediterranean sailing where she was able to cross a major destination off her bucket list.

Episode 5 | D23: Disneyland

Meet Kelly, a fellow travel professional and Disney fan with a GREAT name - if I do say so myself. Join Kelly 1 and Kelly 2 as we talk all things Disneyland and hear Kelly 2's Had To Be There moments she experienced attending the D23 Expo!

Episode 4 | White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Meet Brook, a photographer with an adventurous spirit. Join us as Brook recounts a road trip she and her husband took from their home outside of Atlanta, Georgia to White Sands, New Mexico and the Had To Be There moment that she calls "life changing."

Episode 3 | New York

Meet Stan, a tour guide with a wealth of knowledge. Join us as we explore the upstate region of New York State to hear Stan's Had To Be There Moment, and stay to hear the journey that led him to become a licensed tour guide in New York City!

Episode 2 | Ecuador

Meet Juan Sebastian, a tourism expert with Quito Travels in Ecuador. Join us as we explore this beautiful country and hear Juan Sebastian's harrowing Had To Be There moment. As a fellow travel professional, I'm sure he agrees this story may be a lesson to us all on the importance of using a travel agent!

Episode 1 | DCL: Iceland

Meet Liz! As a former Disney Cruise Line cast member (which is what Disney calls their employees), she has sailed over 500 cruises. As our first guest, Liz takes us to ICELAND, shares a few tales from her travels, and talks about what makes a Disney Cruise so special.

Episode Zero: Meet Kelly

In this introductory episode, Kelly shares a little about herself and her background, including how she became a travel planner and Academy Travel affiliate. She also discusses her hopes for the show and how you can get involved.